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Social Housing in Monmouthshire

Key Facts


If you are new to Monmouthshire Homesearch, please complete our pre-assessment questionnaire to find out tailored housing options based on your current circumstances by clicking here.

For an approximate guide to waiting times for social housing in Monmouthshire, please view our interactive map here.

When allocating housing, the following will be taken into consideration:

  • Local connection to Monmouthshire
  • Savings or earnings over a certain amount
  • Owning a home or having financial interest in a property.

Direct & Senstive Lets

On occassion, The Partnership may request a 'direct let' or a 'senstive let'  to a property. For example, if there has been a severe and enduring nuisance caused by the previous occupant to neighbours and/or community or risk of serious harm. We will keep these to a minimum, further details about direct and sensitive lets can be found in our Allocations Policy.


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