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WELCOME TO Monmouthshire Homesearch

Homesearch is about choices: it's about where you live, work, train and how you live your life.

Homesearch give you the information you need so you can make the right choices. If you're looking for information on homes to rent from councils and housing associations in Monmouthshire, you've come to the right place.

Monmouthshire Housing Register Partnership

Monmouthshire Homesearch is a partnership between the Local Authority and four Housing Associations that operate in Monmouthshire. All affordable social rented accommodation is advertised and allocated via this scheme, including some private rented properties through Capsel, Melin Homes and Seren Living at affordable prices.

Applicants who are interested in getting on the property ladder can register on a separate, Low Cost Home Ownership Register. These properties will be advertised by the individual Housing Association and Monmouthshire Council.

The Homesearch team is responsible for the maintenance of the these waiting lists, validating applications, assessing medical and welfare applications, and general housing advice. The responsibility of shortlisting and allocating advertised properties will be with the individual Housing Association. For further information on how the Homesearch scheme works is available through the scheme user guide and includes frequency asked questions.

The members of the Monmouthshire Housing Register Partnership are listed below:

Monmouthshire County Council
For further information click here: MCC

Monmouthshire Housing Association
For further information click here: MHA

Melin Homes
For further information, click here: Melin Homes

United Welsh
For further information, click here: United Welsh

For further information, click here: POBL