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Low Cost Home Ownership

LCHO is an opportunity to purchase a property that you would not otherwise be able to afford. There are different types of LCHO available, for example the Homebuy scheme.
The schemes allow you to purchase a percentage of the full open market value of a home, with a housing provider (such as a Housing Association) owning the rest of the property. You may be offered a fixed percentage to purchase, or you may have the opportunity to purchase between 50% and 90% of the full value of the property, dependent on the scheme criteria and what you can afford.
In Monmouthshire the following housing providers may have schemes available for purchase in this way:

1. MHA Homebuy

2. POBLliving

3. Melin Homes Low Cost Schemes

4. Monmouthshire County Council

If a property is offered as a ‘Homebuy’ scheme you are not charged a rent for the equity retained by the Housing Association, but you are fully responsible for the repairs, maintenance and insurance of your home. It is in effect an interest free loan, however you will need to pay back the proportion of the equity owned by the housing provider if, and when, you sell your home,.
There are other criteria used which are unique to each scheme, and we would recommend that you contact the relevant Housing Provider to discuss what these are, and how applications for LCHO are assessed and prioritised.
To register your interest in LCHO and to be able to view all current schemes available in Monmouthshire, please Register Here.