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WELCOME TO Monmouthshire Homesearch

Homesearch is about choices: it's about where you live, work, train and how you live your life.

Homesearch give you the information you need so you can make the right choices. If you're looking for information on homes to rent from councils and housing associations in Monmouthshire, you've come to the right place.



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Changes to our website
If you are interested in Buying a Home or Other Rental properties, click on the new buttons opposite.

Please note, if you are offered a property, the 1st weeks rent is to be paid before the tenancy agreement is signed

Bidding, Adverts & Feedback

You can bid for affordable rented properties in the following ways:

• Via mobile app
• Via this website
• By text message

Full details of how to bid are in the Scheme User Guide. Please click here for the relevant section:
Click here: Ways to Bid

You can also use our Bidding Step-by-Step guide. Click here: Bidding Step-by-Step Guide

For a checklist to make the Bidding process less stressful:
Click here: Bidding Checklist

If you need help to bid for properties, we offer an Assisted Bidding service for applicants who are vulnerable and have no-one else to help them. Please call the Homesearch Team on 0345 900 2956 for assistance.

If you encounter any problems with the website or phone app when bidding, please contact the Homesearch Team on 0345 900 2956 or e-mail homesearch@monmouthshirehousing.co.uk.

Adverts & Feedback
Properties are advertised on a continuous bidding cycle.

Properties may be advertised with a Wet Room or with a Level Access shower. To see the difference, please click on the link: Wet Room/Level Access Shower

The feedback on all lettings will be provided on this website when you log in, and also on each property freesheet.

Full details of the adverts are in the Scheme User Guide. Please click here for the relevant section:
Click here: Adverts & Feedback